Towel Parade

At this point, I have been on many cruises with various destinations, companies, and styles. One of my overall favorite things to see on a cruise are towel animals! I can’t believe that some cruise lines don’t even bother. It’s something small that takes a little effort and makes people ridiculously happy.

Towel Parade on the pool deck of a Carnival Cruise. There was no announcement. At least not that I heard. I went by the pool deck one morning and there they were!

Normally the room attendant will clean the room in the evening while your group is out at dinner or at the show. This is when they work on their little towels masterpieces. Every day I wait with anticipation to see what type of towel animal I will get today. The staff is very creative. Some will take items in your room, like your sunglasses or book and use it in part of their design.

Scorpion made with the bed cover on a Disney Cruise.

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