Review: Gatorade Endurance Formula Sports Drink & Energy Gel

Disclaimer: I received some Gatorade Endurance products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Gatorade Endurance Formula Sports Drink

Nutritional Information: 22g Carbohydrates, Electrolytes: 300mg Sodium & 140mg Potassium, and 90 Calories.

I received a bottle of the Gatorade Endurance Formula Thirst Quencer Powder in Watermelon flavor. It was a large 2 LB container. While traveling to Puerto Rico, I took the container with me in my carry-on suitcase. I know my body and during extreme weather conditions, it’s easy for me to get dehydrated. I was preparing for 94 degrees F and 85% humidity. In extreme heat, it’s hard to walk, and especially run or do any sport. I got into the habit of filling my water bottle with a scoop and a half of Gatorade Endurance Formula Thirst Quencher Powder and putting it in the fridge. Before I left to do anything outside, errands, shopping, and especially working out, I brought my prepared water bottle. I love the taste! I’m not a fan of extremely sweet or strong tastes in any kind of sports formula. The watermelon flavor was light and easy to drink. It gave the water an extra flavor without being too strong.

Gatorade Endurance Formula Energy Gel

Nutritional Information: 20g Carbohydrates, Electrolytes:100mg Sodium, and 80 Calories.

Gatorade Endurance Formula Gel is designed to give athletes the fluids and nutrients needed during training or racing. I tried the Mango flavored gel and the flavor was very similar to natural mangoes. The thickness of the gel was the standard for this type of product. Gatorade Endurance Formula Gel comes in small pouches, the ideal size for my running pants side pockets or my waist pouch. It gave me an extra pick me up during long practice runs.

Available at Gatorade Endurance website.

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