Not Just For Running

Disclaimer: I received some Buff products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I’m always seeking my next adventure. This time, it was a family cruise to Mexico. We decided to do something new. We would rent ATV’s and go on a tour of the town. It was very hot and humid. I last minute changed my mind and decided to ride a double with Jim, instead of driving my own. I have driven an ATV before. I thought it would be easier for us to chat along the way.


We got instructions on how to drive the ATV’s. Even though we were in a large group of people, there was a guide for every two smaller groups or so. We were handed helmets goggles and handkerchiefs. I had already planned ahead and had a Buff for each of us. I knew that the lightweight material would be better for this sort of excursion than a normal bandana. Buff’s are made to be breathable, multi-functional, moisture wicking, and fast drying.


Austin drove his own ATV. He was in the front of the line and had no problem keeping up. _MG_4500

Our tour took us through town and out onto dirt roads up and down hills. We first used our Buffs to keep the sun off our necks and then to cover our mouth from the dirt and exhaust from the ATV’s in front of us.


After about 40 minutes, we arrived at the top of a mountain where there were restrooms and a restaurant where we ordered lunch. It was a much-needed break. I didn’t bring my swimsuit with me and there was a nice little pool at the restaurant location. I could have had a swim while waiting for my meal. I at least got to put my feet in the cool water, which felt amazing. After lunch, we were given a tequila tasting. I guess Mexicans don’t follow the concept of drinking and driving. At least we didn’t get large amounts of alcohol, just enough to taste the various flavors of tequila that they had for sale. Then we hopped back on our ATV’s and went back down the dirt paths back to where we started.

After the tour was over, we returned our helmets and goggles. I then switched my Buff from my neck to hold back my unruly hair.


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