Product Review: UA Horizon RTT Trail Shoes

Disclaimer: I received a pair of UA Horizon RTT Trail Shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


My first trail shoes! The shoe box came with black and white shoelaces already laced on the shoes and an additional pair of matching light-blue laces. I liked the blue shoelaces more, so I quickly switched the laces. The color is subtle.

First thing I noticed from wearing the UA Horizon RTT Trail Shoes was the grips on the soles of the shoes. Running up a steep hill or down a large incline, it’s hard to get traction with normal running shoes. I felt like this shoes allowed me to better grab onto the terrain, which in turn kept me from falling or hurting myself.

They do feel heavier than my normal running shoes, but then they are meant to be that way so that can endure rugged conditions. I first wore them when it was 48 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I wondered if my feet would get cold, and they didn’t.


There’s a trail I like running on that is all dirt. When it rains it turns into a muddy mess. My UA Horizon RT Trail Shoes were able to help me through it. They were also easy to clean afterward because of the outer fabric of the shoes.

I wish I had these shoes when I did the Brazen New Year’s Day Half Marathon. 2,400 feet elevation gain at Lake Chabot would have been so much easier! The UA Horizon RTT Trail Shoes are perfect if you’re doing the Copper Mountain.

Any trail runners doing the Under Armour Mountain Series? Promo code BIBRAVE20 gets you 20% off the race series.

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