Brazen New Year’s Eve 2017 Race

If you read my earlier post, you knew that I would be racing on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. For this post, I’m going to focus on the New Year’s Eve race in Fremont, CA. IMG_6197

We arrived at about 8am. There was plenty of parking. It’s hard to tell with some races, sometimes there’s more than enough parking, and other times it’s a problem. We attached our bibs and any remaining gear and headed over to the starting line to see what was happening there.

We looked for photo opportunities. Brazen had set-up an area for you to take your photos and there was a table with different props that you could use. We asked someone to take the photo for us and we did the same for them in return. It was a chilly morning at 43 degrees Fahrenheit. The morning did warm up to the low 60’s.


We made note of where the sweat check was and noticed that the 10K was about to start, so we walked over to see them take off. There were music and a lot of positive high energy. Family and friends of runners were there at the starting gate cheering their loved ones on. I’m always touched by that, maybe it’s because there’s never anyone cheering me on. Jim’s all I have at this point in my life, and he runs with me. Oh well, that will change this year as I’m a BibRave Pro! My friends in orange will definitely be there for me at the Sedona Marathon in February 2018.

The 5K course was a loop around Quarry Lakes. There were two runners that started off too fast and had to pull over and throw up. I always feel bad for those people. I had my Aftershokz on and away I went. Jim knows better than to try to talk to me too much during a race. I’m focused.

Brazen had a surprising amount of volunteers taking photos. This nice shot below was taken by a volunteer and post online for me to download for free.


I had a personal record (PR). I completed 3.35 miles in 48:33, which is a 14:28 pace. Before this race, I had a 50 minute 5K. My goal for 2018 is to finish a 5K in 30 minutes. I know it’s doable. I’m just not there yet. So while I can do longer distances and I have some longer races planned for 2018, I’ll be focusing on 5K’s mainly and try to achieve my goal.

I also finished the year having completed 357.83 miles in 2017. That’s the number to beat in 2018. I’m confident I can accomplish that.

Race review available at BibRave, click here for details.

After the race, I always head to to claim my new results and then to write my review. My Athlinks profile stores the results from all my past races, and I can even find friends who might be running future races that I want to do. Check out results on Athlinks here and follow me so we can be friends (or maybe even rivals!) on Athlinks.

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