We Adopted an Adult Dog From the Animal Shelter

I’ve been asking Jim to let me have a dog literally for years. He didn’t grow up with animals like I did and he had never owned a dog. Everyone he talked to told him that having a dog was a lot of work, so that didn’t help my argument. My birthday is the day before Christmas. On my birthday, Jim gave me a birthday card that had a dog tag inside of it. He said he had thought long and hard about it and we could get a dog. I was shocked! I was convinced we would never get a dog.

We discussed what kind of dog we wanted in both breed and personality. We wanted something sweet and easy going and not high maintenance. The day before Christmas, I decided to search online and see what dogs were available at the local animal shelter. I saw an ad for a 4-year-old chihuahua named Chiquita. 

The description was perfect. We both read the add and wondered if she was truly as good as she was being described or if they were playing it up in order to convince someone to adopt her. We rushed over to the animal shelter to see her.

We were greeted at the entrance of the animal shelter and shown where to find Chiquita. She was sitting with a caretaker. She was in a large clean room and seem to have plenty of warm blankets and toys. When Chiquita first saw me, her first reaction was to come to the glass window and wag her tail. She had never seen me. I expected her to bark at me, but she didn’t.


We then put our name on a list and waited for one of the attendants to show us the dog. Once inside the room, we sat on the floor and listened to the caretaker explain some of the dog’s history and medical records. Chiquita had been at the animal shelter for 3 months before our visit. I was amazed with how friendly and affectionate she was. Jim asked me what I thought and I told him she was a keeper.

As we signed the paperwork I could see families coming in looking for puppies. I was the only weirdo that wanted a grown-up dog. The truth is that we wanted a dog with a set personality and we didn’t want to deal with the chaos and needs of a small puppy.

I’ve owned chihuahuas before, so I’m very familiar with their particular needs. Jim’s learning to care for a small dog, but he’s also enjoying every bit of it.

Moral of the story, give adult dogs at the shelter a chance. You might be surprised to find exactly what you needed.

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