Run 12/7/17 6.2 Miles with Piper

I puppy sit Piper a few times a week. She’s a very loving Jack Russell Shortie. I had never cared for a Jack Russell puppy, so I didn’t know the behaviors that are common to her bread. She’s very high energy, a hyperactive dog. She doesn’t know to stop and calm down. I have to keep an eye on her and encourage her to relax at least a few times a day, otherwise, she’ll wear herself out in exhaustion. 

I think animals can feel and understand humans. Little Piper has been a blessing in my life. There are days where I struggle to leave the house and Piper with her loving demeanor gives me kisses and support. 

I recently pushed Piper’s limits. We had done small runs together, but I wasn’t sure how far she could go. I was almost sure I would end up carrying her part of the way, but not this little puppy. She’s small but strong. 

I was focusing on distance, not pacing on this one. I wanted Piper to have fun too and want to do it again. 

We conquered 6.2 miles!!
Time: 2:08:49
Pace: 22’20
Calories: 767

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