2017 Santa Cruz Turkey Trot 10K

Jim and I signed up to do the Santa Cruz Turkey Trot very last minute. We had another race lined up and it was so lame that we decided not to do it. 

It was the 17th year that the Santa Cruz Turkey Trot has taken. It’s hosted by the Santa Cruz Race Club. 

Swag: Registration was $45 per person and for that, you got a pair of socks and your bib. Medals were awarded to the top runners in each category. 

Course: The race included a 1K, 5K, and a 10K. I saw many kids getting ready to do the 1K and some people with their dogs doing the 5K.

The course was beautiful! It was a flat trail all the way, except for one small hill. You started off on a street and two turns later you were on a trail overlooking the ocean. The course went down past the lighthouse up to the Dream Inn. Once you got to the Inn, you turned around and headed back. 

Aid Stations: There was one at the end of the first leg of the race. There were porta potties at the beginning of the race and a public restroom by mile marker 4. 

Atmosphere: This event is hosted by volunteers of the Santa Cruz Race Club. At the beginning, there were volunteers cheering the runners on. I was second to last to finish the 10K. When I got to the end there was no one there to greet us. In fact, they had moved on to calling the runners that won medals. I think they should have waited for all the runners to finish. I guess everyone wanted to go home. 

On a personal note:

The weather was pretty cold. It was 44 F at the start of the race and by the end, it was comfortable in the low 60’s. I had debated running with a vest on, but I’m glad I didn’t. 

I had major stomach problems by mile 4. I’m not sure why. Maybe my breakfast choice, I don’t know. It was caused me to slow down, but I was determined not to quit, and I made it. 

I guess this race would be considered a fun race and not a timed race. There were no chip transponders on our bibs, but there was a person that said he would take time by hand. 

I got to try out my new race dots. They help keep my bib on without the need for safety pins. 

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