17th Annual Race Against PH Review

This year was the 17th year the Race Against PH has taken place and the first time I’ve done it. 

There were about 4 portapotties near the parking lot and actual restrooms nearby by the stadium and by the race track. Parking was abundant and free. When you registered for the race you could choose to have a chipped bib or not. There was a $5 difference between the two. 

The course went through Stanford Campus. Stanford is such a beautiful University. I enjoyed the route as it was different the entire way. Each of the Stanford buildings had a different style of architecture and design. The grounds have several eucalyptus trees that you can smell along the way. 

There were lots of volunteers at the race. Many had cowbells and were holding signs that times made me laugh as I passed them. 

Some of the paths were limited to the sidewalk since traffic was not stopped, but I found that running on the bike lane worked out just fine. There were several walkers on the course. Several companies and teams had special shirts and showed their team spirit. There were people of ages running or walking. There were definitely a lot of families running together with their dogs. 

There was one water station along the route. I only saw one of the mile markers, but then I was keeping track of the mileage on my Fitbit. I wasn’t putting a lot of effort on spotting the mile markers. 

At the end of the race, there were many people cheering the runners on as they passed the finish line. No medals were awarded, except for top runners in each category. After you finished running, you could go claim your t-shirt. I found it strange that it wasn’t handed out before, but I’m assuming there was a good reason for it. It was a nice technical long-sleeved shirt. The volunteers at the shirt table were doing a nice job of helping people decide on what size shirt best fit them. 

Of course, after running you will need to replenish your energy. There were plenty of free snacks for everyone to enjoy. There was freshly popped popcorn, string cheese, donuts, fish crackers, and more. 

Overall, great race. I would definitely do it again.

Thank you to @ProCompression and #runchat for the compression socks. 

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