Total Solar Eclipse VRC Medal

The recent Total Solar Eclipse that was visible from the U.S. on August 21st, 2017, was an amazing natural event. Jim drove to Oregon and camped out there so that hee would be in Madras during the eclipse. Madras, Oregon was in the Path of Totality and where we live in California, was only a partial view of the eclipse. 
If you didn’t read my previous blog on his experience, here’s the link

Of course when I saw that Virtual Running Club was hosting a Total Solar Eclipse Virtual Race, I knew we needed to be a part of it. The race was either a 5K or 10K and the medal was the same for either distance. The entry cost included the medal, a pair of eclipse glasses, and a downloadable racers bib. I paid the extra $5 to have a racers bib mailed to me. Even the stamp on the envelope had a total solar eclipse. So cool! 

 I like hanging my bibs just as much as the medals. You could for an additional price, purchase a t-shirt. Some people don’t care to have another racing t-shirt, so this gives you the choice to purchase it or not. 

The Total Eclipse Virtual Race Medals were such a hit that VRC had to order a second bath of them. I completed the race in early September and patiently waited for the second batch of medals to be mailed out. It took a few months, but I got it! Boy, is it worth the wait! The back of the medal has the Path of Totality engraved on it. The front has the Moon covering the Sun. When you slide open the medal the Moon swings out to cover the Sun. 

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