How to Make Easy Superhero T-Shirts With Cricut

I signed up for the Halloween Haunt Race in San Jose this year. I didn’t want to wear the running costume I had already made for the runDisney Avengers weekend. I wanted something new, but I didn’t want to put a lot of money and time into it. Jim and I were both going to race, so I wanted our costumes to match in theme, but I wanted me to be a more girly version. 

I decided on Batman, but in reality, I could have used this idea on any superhero. 

First, I looked for a Batman symbol that I liked. I found it on Etsy and bought the digital file for $0.99. The Batman symbols I was finding for free online weren’t quite what I wanted. Here’s the link to the company I bought my file from.

If you download an image from the internet, you’ll probably need to convert it into a SVG file so that the Cricut can read it. 

I bought two colors of iron on t-shirt adhesive. One in a pink gold and one in gold. I bought some plain black shirts from Michaels. 

I changed the file settings from printing to cutting in the Design Cricut Space. I picked out what I wanted to be cut out of the image and what I wanted to stay, leaving negative space in the final product. 

I changed the blade to the regular blade and selected the type of material I was working with on the software program (iron-on). In a couple of minutes the Cricut had cut through the material and it was ready to iron onto the shirt. 

You will want to remember to put the iron on material facing down with the dull side up when cutting. I did it wrong the first time.

To add a little more to our outfits, Jim wanted some special socks. Batman socks with little capes! He was wearing a total of 3 capes that day. 

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