What Puppy Toys Work Best

Puppies can be very destructive. They need a lot of love and attention. Chew toys are necessary so that they don’t chew unwanted objects (like your shoes) and so that it keeps the dog mentally stimulated. 

My friend Piper is a very hyperactive Jack Russell Shortie. She has to be constantly doing something, which usually involves running around, playing, or sleeping. She has several toys that she gets throughout the day to keep her entertained. Kong toys are her favorite because they dispense treats in addition to being fun. 

Kong toys come in several sizes. You would think that the biggest size would be too much of a challenge for a small dog, but it’s not! She loves it. It’s opening is the right size for almost any puppy treat. I usually put Milk Bone Snacks in the large Kong.

The smaller Kong toys can be used with a combination of peanut butter and some treats and then frozen to add some additional level of challenge. 

The Kong Puppy Tire has a groove on the inside of the tire. Makes a great hiding spot for some of the Pup-Peroni treats Piper enjoys. 

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