What to Wear For Running in the Fall

Fall’s are pretty mild in California. I do run near the water, so that makes it a little colder during the Fall and Winter months. Of course what you choose to wear is up to you and what makes you feel comfortable and happy during your outdoor activities. 

1. Long-sleeve moisture wicking shirt
The one I’m wearing in the picture is from Target. It has a zip front opening, a small zipped pocket on the right side, and thumb holes. I didn’t see the point to the thumb holes until I tried it. On windy days, it keeps my hands a little warmer.

2. Long moisture wicking pants
I’m liking the Neonysweets Women’s Workout pants with pockets. These pants have two side pockets. It makes it convenient to run with my cell phone and not have to wear an armband. The pants are compression, so they sit snuggly against my body, which also keeps my cell phone from falling out. I have an iPhone 7 and the pocket is plenty big for it. 

3. Fleece headband
Chilly weather will make my ears get cold. Wearing a hat is often too much warmth, so a headband is a perfect solution. It holds my hair in place, keeps sweat from running down my face, and keeps my ears warm. I like the Turtle Fur Double-Layer Bang Band. They are so soft! The Turtle Fur Band is easy to wash and unisex.


I don’t wear a jacket unless the temperature really gets cold. I prefer to run with the least amount of layers that I can get away with. 

Non-fleece headband
Sometimes I wear a non-fleece headband if it’s not windy out. I got these Under Armour Mini Headband pack in my Compete Crate for October. They have grips on the bottom and aren’t too tight on my head. 

What do you wear for your Fall runs?
Let me know in the comments.

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