Hip Hop Run San Jose 2017


The Hip Hop Run wasn’t one of our scheduled runs, but we are training for the runDisney Thor 10K and thought it would be a good idea to do a full 10K and see how we did. 

Parking was at Happy Hollow, a long way from the start line. We had picked up our packet the day before at the Enso Nightclub in Downtown San Jose. First time going to a nightclub to pick up a runners packet. 


The trail wasn’t very interesting. The 10K did the 5K route twice, which included running on the street, through a dirt field, and in part of a park. 

There were DJ’s playing music and plenty of kids cheering us on and handing out water. There were only 2 porta-potties at the beginning of the race and 2 actual bathrooms at the park part of the race. 

Our bling. The fabric part of the medal looks like a think gold chain, like something Mr. T would wear. 

This was our first time doing a 10K. I was extremely proud of myself for sticking with it, even though I was exhausted. 

We were in the back of the pack of runners. In fact, there was one person behind us and she was the last one. However, I feel that our pace was good and now we have a time and pace to beat. We’re trying to not get scooped up at the runDisney race in November, so we want to have a pace of less than 16. 

I noticed that some people were speed walking, not actually running and their walk speed was pretty fast. I’m going to try to walk faster when I’m not running and that should also help my pace. It’s just hard to do that when my body wants to just take it slow and breath before running again. 

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