New Running Shoes: Brooks Glycerin 15

During the Teal Race last weekend my son won one of the raffle prizes, a $50 gift certificate to Running Revolution in Campbell. I decided to buy his gift certificate from him and use it as an excuse to get new running shoes. Hey, new running gear motivates me. Don’t judge me. At this point, anything that keeps me moving is good.

I visited the store. It was a very small store in a strip mall. The people working there were very friendly. I told the employee I had a gift certificate and he made some suggestions on how I could spend it so that I would spend less out of pocket, but I already knew I wanted shoes, nothing else. 

I saw that they had one of those foot pressure machines and asked if I could try it out. Of course, they said yes. I hopped on and in a few seconds, it had my results on the screen. Sometimes CVS or Walgreens will have this type of machine, but this is the first time I was standing there with a person that could interpret what the results meant. 

The red in the image is where I put the post pressure on my feet. I also asked about my foot arch. I know that flat shoes are extremely painful for long periods of time, however, I wasn’t sure if I was a medium or a high arch. The store associate said I was a medium arch and told me how it would look on the screen if I was a high arch. Based on these results we went over to the running shoe wall and he selected some shoes that he thought would meet my foot needs. 

He narrowed it down to two pairs that he thought would work. One was the Brooks Ghost 9 and the Brooks Glycerin 15. They didn’t have the Ghost in my size, so I tried the Glycerin 15. First, I tried half a size up like a normally do for sneakers and they were way too small. Weird… The employee went to the back room and came back with a half sizer higher than that and they felt great! There was a lot of cushion and support. So, I bought them. 

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