How to Teach Grammar and Writing to Students of Today

Grammarly offers Chrome users a free extension in the Chrome web store. Click here to download it. 

As the name suggests, it helps improve your grammar, but also your punctuation and word choice. 

How is this different than spell check, you ask? Well, it seems to do a better job at catching writing errors. It’s built into your Chrome browser, if you use the extension, and then anywhere where you need a correction Grammarly will help you. It’s almost like it’s always looking over your shoulder making sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Grammarly sends you a weekly email with your performance with this tool. This notification is called Grammarly Insights. At the end of the email, Grammarly gives you your top two mistakes. So, it’s not just fixing mistakes, it’s working with you to teach you how to improve your writing. 

You can unsubscribe from Grammarly Insights email and still use the tool.

Grammarly offers achievement digital badges that will motivate users to continue using the tool and write correctly. 

Teacher and student use
Teaching grammar just became much easier and practical. With Common Core Standards, writing is no longer just limited to Language Arts, all teachers should be incorporating writing opportunities in their classes. 

Some suggestions:
  • Have students install the free Chrome extension. 
  • Have students use Grammarly Insights email as a reflective tool. What were some common errors they made this week? How can they improve those errors in the future?
  • Have students keep track and share their digital badges on their digital portfolios. Great way to show parents and loved ones all digital school achievements and progress. 

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