Maker Night Review & Free Scraps for Makers

Disclosure: I received complimentary kits for this event. All opinions are my own.

Owners Greg and Lora offer Maker Nights at various locations in the Bay Area. Click here for their calendar of events. I was able to attend one of the nights that they were at Taplands in San Jose. The project of the day was the Hops Coaster. Each Maker Night features a different one of their laser cut products.

When we arrived we found a nicely arranged kit for each person. Even some of the instructions were laser cut into a small board! 

The first step was coloring the pieces that would be visible on the coaster. We had a variety of Sharpies, Gel Pens, and Paint Markers at our disposal. There were no rules as to how you could color it. 

At this event, there were only adults, but Greg and Lora do allow kids to participate.

Next came assembling some of the initial parts. 

Then we glued several layers, one at a time. 

The Taplands offers a free beer for participants of the Maker Night. I’m not a beer person, but I was able to use the ticket for a discount on some wine. 😀

My husband, the Engineer, was having loads of fun playing with the gears and assembling the pieces. 

The final step was to put on the feet for the bottom and our Hops Coasters were done. 

Great event for date night, a group of engineers, makers, STEAM enthusiasts, kids, etc. Much more interesting than a paint your own pottery night. 

Free Scraps for Makers

Greg shared with me that he has a lot of leftover scraps in his workshop in Santa Clara. He’s happy to give those away for free. He asks that if you are interested, to give him a call first, 408-634-MAKE (6253) and bring a bucket with you. 

Steamy Tech offers kits and you can customize them by adding lights and a motor. Click here to view Steamy Tech’s website.

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