5 Misconceptions of a Black Cat

I adopted my black cat, Nikki from the local Humane Society several years ago. I was told by the volunteers that she was the last one left from her litter to be adopted. She was black and because of that, no one wanted her. 

Black cats tend to be the less likely to be adopted and most likely to be put down. 

1) Black cats bring bad luck

Nikki is my second black cat. The previous one passed away from old age. My cat has not brought me any kind of bad luck. 

My son brought our black cat to school for an event and he wanted to show his cat to his teacher. His teacher wouldn’t even get close to it once she knew it was a black cat. It really hurt my son’s feelings. He was proud of his pet and wanted to share that with his teacher. He didn’t understand the teacher’s reaction. I struggled to explain to him that some people don’t think of black cats like we do. 

2) Only witches have them

I assure you, I’m not a witch. Neither my cat nor I can cast any spells. I’m a white collar professional and so is my husband. 

3) For Halloween

It’s funny to hear the reactions of the trick-or-treaters that knock at my door and find that I have a black cat. The reaction is often, “look, a black cat for Halloween”. No, I didn’t buy her for Halloween or any other holiday. 

4) Vicious animals

I’ve been asked if my black cat is vicious. She’s not. She’s a sweet heart. 

5) Arche their backs

Halloween has popularized images of black cats with their backs arched and in attack mode. The truth is any cat that is scared does that. It’s a normal behavioral response. It has nothing to do with the color of the animal. 

Next time you consider adopting a pet, consider the one you choose for their personality, not their color. 

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