Dinner Review: Blue Bayou inside Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in Disneyland, CA

My husband’s favorite ride at Disneyland is the Pirate’s of the Caribbean. If you’ve been on that ride, you might have noticed that you sail by next to a restaurant. That restaurant is called the Blue Bayou. On our most recent trip to Disneyland, we decided to have one our meals there so we could experience it. 

I look at dining as an experience. It’s not just about the food, but also about the atmosphere. 

We made our reservations online. Good thing we did, because the restaurant gets pretty crowded. We got to the restaurant early, checked in, and patiently waited for our name to be called.

Once we were called in, we were escorted to our table. To our disappointment, we couldn’t be any further from the ride. I looked around, in case there was any chance of switching tables, but no, everything was full. So, we took the table we got and made the best out of it. There was no way to pick “a good table”, it was just luck. We did get up and walk over to the edge of the restaurant to see the riders pass by. It was kind of awkward because we stood next to a strangers table in order to be able to see beyond it. 

If you’ve sailed by on the ride, you’ll remember that the area is pretty dark. The restaurant is dark as well. 

We noticed that some people had a glowing ice cube in their drink. It turns out that if you order a lemonade, it comes with a glowing ice cube. We asked if we could get a glowing ice cube in our drinks even though we hadn’t ordered lemonades, and the waitress was happy to get us some. The only problem with that was that the server that refills drinks thinks that glowing drinks are lemonade, so we had to keep a look out for her a shoo her away from refilling our drink with the wrong beverage. 

The menu had some Cajun dishes, not surprisingly, since the restaurant is called the Blue Bayou and the entrance to it is in New Orleans Square. We had some picky eaters with us. Luckily, there were other not Cajun items too and everyone was happy. 

We were all pleased with the food we ordered. We didn’t have dessert, our entrees were plenty filling. 

Overall, it was worth trying out and seeing what it was all about. The food was great, but I felt like the ambiance was lacking. You’re basically eating in a dark restaurant. I would like to see it be redesigned to take more advantage of the view of the people passing by and maybe even have a pirate theme. 

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