Run 8/1/17 2.7 miles

Days left to the runDisney 10K Race: 99

The weather was hot, but I waited until later in the day, which made it more tolerable. 

Pace and or challenges:
I’m doing better on my pace. I’m slowing down when the app tells me to, not before, which is better than the last two times I went on a run. My chest isn’t hurting as much. I think it has to do with my breathing. I’m getting more air in during the run. 

I wasn’t working on my speed since I was trying to enjoy nature and stopping to take photos along the way. 

Critters spotted during the run
2 hares and 2 rabbits. Yes, there’s a difference between the two. Hares are bigger with larger hind legs, while rabbits are smaller. 

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