Run 7/27/17 1.5 miles

  • Critters that I saw along the way: just one ground squirrel 
  • 101 Days until runDisney Thor 10K race in Disneyland. Click here to read my runDisney story.

Apps being used:

This is a Couch to 10K app. I use it for the pacing. It helps me slow down and speed up, and motivates me along the way.

This is MapMyRun. I like the map, share features, and how it sends me a weekly summary of my workouts.

I’m working on being more conscious of my breathing and calming down and enjoying the run, instead just wanting to be done with it. Who thought breathing was a big deal? But, it is. It makes a difference on how exhausted I feel along the way. 

Per the suggestion of a runner friend, I bought a FitBelt to help me carry my phone, keys, etc. I normally see people using an arm band instead, but after having tried both, I’m liking the FitBelt better. It’s lightweight, with plenty of room. It doesn’t look bulky and it doesn’t flap when I run since it sits firmly around my waist. It has a small built in hook on the inside that you can clip your keys to.  I got it at Amazon, here’s the link

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