Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Review

Did you like the film? Why or why not? 
I thought the movie was really good. A big part of the movie focuses on Peter Parker as a teenager. This makes it different to the other Spider-Man movies, making it more relate-able to the teenage crowds. The movie was more lighthearted compared to the other Spider-Man series. The focus wasn’t to kill or avenge anyone. It has a few twists which make the movie engaging and thrilling. Overall, it was a good beginning for the new Spider-Man series.

What did you think of the acting, directing, cinematography, writing, etc.?
I was impressed with the actors chosen for this movie. They did a good job of conveying their characters. The effects were well choreographed and planned out, which made the stunts seem real. 

For what ages would you say this film is best suited for?

I would say this movie is good for any age. Kids will enjoy seeing their superhero again on the big screen. Teenagers will be able to relate to the challenges that Spider-Man faces as a teenager of this generation, and the adults who grew up seeing the previous movies can appreciate the changes done to this movie and enjoy the entertainment value of the production. 

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