Penguin Encounter Tour at Sea World San Diego

We decided to give the boys a special treat. They both knew they were going to Sea World, but they didn’t know we have booked them on a behind the scenes penguin tour. We told them about the tour the day before. They were both very excited and surprised. 

The cost was an additional $50 per person on top of the park admission price. 

The tour met in the front of the park. The tour guide checked their names off a list and gave them a sticker, which helped the tour guide keep track of who was part of the group. After that, they were off. They told us that we would be able to see them through the glass enclosure if we happened to be there at the right moment. Hearing this, my husband went over and waited patiently to see the kids behind the glass. 

The kids learned a lot about penguins: what they eat, the different types of penguins, predators, survival skills, etc. Sea World has a variety of penguins in their exhibit, so they could see right away the physical differences between the different species. The tour took them behind the scenes where they could look out into the enclosure, while safely standing behind a short wall. 

The kids said that there were paper cut outs of the different types of penguins and they were most impressed with how tall an emperor penguin could get. They noted that it would probably be intimidating to stand next to such a large animal out in the wild. 

The best part of the tour was when they got to meet a macaroni penguin in person and take photos with it. The kids were over the moon. What a great experience! Even the teenager that works hard to pretend everything is lame, had a huge smile on his face. 

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