USS Midway Museum & Flight Simulator

The USS Midway is a decommissioned Navy Aircraft Carrier that is museum for all to enjoy in San Diego, CA. 

Tickets were a little on the pricey side. $20 for adults, $15 for students, and free for active duty military, fire fighters, and police officers with ID. The price includes the price of the audio set, which you can pick up once you are inside. There are numbers throughout the ship that you type into your headset to hear more about that particular location. 

There are also docents siding in various locations that are retired military that are very knowledgeable in U.S. history. The day we visited there was a docent talking about his military experience. He had served during World War II. Reading about it in a history book is one thing, having someone tell you what they lived through is a whole different experience. Talk about bringing history to life!

There is a 15 minute movie that’s included in the cost that narrates the story of the USS Midway. 

The boys gravitated towards the flight simulator. It was $8 per person and there’s a two person minimum. There were smaller kids riding with their parents.

They first did a video game version of the flight simulator in order to get the hand of the controls and trying to stay upright. Once that was done, it was into the capsule. You have to leave anything that will fall out of your pockets, since the capsule can fully rotate.

Once the capsule has closed, you can see two screens on the outside, one has what they are seeing inside and the other one is a live video feed of their reaction as they are flying around. Everyone had a great time.


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