Cruz Ramirez, Cars 3 Hispanic Inspired Car

Cruz Ramirez is one the newest Disney Cars 3 characters. Named with two common Hispanic last names. Why does a person need two last names? Because one is from your father and one is from your mother. That way you can always give credit to both of your parents and follow more easily your family’s lineage. 

Characters on TV often portray Hispanic characters as maids, farm workers, an uneducated individuals. It was a enjoyable to see that Pixar developed a character that was better suited to be a role model to Hispanic children. In the movie Cars 3, Cruz Ramirez doesn’t believe in herself, and therefore, fails to see her own potential. It is with the help of Lightning McQueen that she is given a chance to believe in her own potential and give herself a chance.

It is in many ways a powerful message. There are many challenges that children face today. Being part of a minority adds another layer of challenges. It is exciting to see kids learn that you can do anything you want, if you believe in yourself. 

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