Cars 3 Event at Sonoma Raceway

It was my first time visiting a race track, however, I was more excited about the Cars 3 Event than I was about the actual racing.

 We stood in line for maybe 15 minutes before we could enter the exhibit. There were different stations or areas where kids and adults could play. 

There was another smaller line to take photos with McQueen and Cruz Ramirez. The attendant will take your photo with your camera, but only one camera per family in order to keep the line moving. You get close to the cars, but not close enough to touch the cars. There’s a guard keeping an eye on any wandering racers that stray too close to the cars.

A Dole booth was handing out smoothie samples. They had some Cars 3 inspired recipes, of course. 

There were die cast car races for the kids. They had different cars to choose from. The child would pick one and at the mark, let it slide down the “race track”. 

A build your own paper race car booth was there. Kids could pick from Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez or Jackson Storm. They had child proof scissors on a table and some tape to hold together the finished product. If you didn’t want to built it there, you could ask for the car you wanted and take it home. 

Crest had a booth with a spinning prize wheel. Everyone seemed to want the Lightning McQueen toothbrush, but for many people, the arrow landed on toothpaste, which unfortunately, was in sample size and did not have the Cars 3 characters on it. I watched as mothers tried to trade and bribe the attendant of the booth, but he was very polite, but didn’t budge. 

At the end you got a poster with all the Mattel Cars 3 cars available, a coupon for the Disney Store, and a scratch ticket for a discount to see the Cars 3 movie in theaters. 

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