Rare Science Bear Experience

As a Catholic, I grew up doing charitable work for the community. It’s no surprise that as an adult, I continued using my talents to help the greater good.

Rare Science is great non-profit organization. They help identify therapeutic solutions for kids with rare diseases. 

I worked in their Rare Bear Army creating a one of a kind bear that was then donated a child that is battling one of these rare diseases. As you can imagine, being sick is not fun, and a colorful and fun stuffed bear brings a lot of joys to these kids. 

Here’s the bear I made:

The bear had a serial number tag that I placed in the stitching when I made it. The Rare Science volunteers used it to trace where the bear went. I received a beautiful thank you card with the photo of the child that received the bear. So touching! 

The Rare Bear Program is great for quilting guilds, churches, boys/girls scouts, clubs, and more. You don’t need to know how to sew. You can help by contributing money for the materials, helping cut the pieces, even by just buying the pattern helps Rare Science continue to do the work they’re doing. For information on the Rare Science Bear Program click here

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