5 Tips for Small Dog Caregivers

Caring for a small dog in many ways is different than caring for a big dog. If you had a big dog once before and are considering caring for a small dog or are dog sitting for someone, here are some pointers.

1. Small body means big personality
It’s almost like small dogs don’t know that they are small and unable to take on a big dog. They will try to bark and at times, confront big dogs as if they could win the fight. As a caregiver, you need to be watchful of situations like this that can potentially harm the dog. 

2. Exercise
 Small dogs are bred to be lap dogs or companions. Don’t expect a small chihuahua or pug to go on a 3 mile run with you. It will probably walk one block and then give up. It is good for the dog to be allowed to run and play in the yard, if you have one, just don’t force it to do rigorous physical activity. 

3. Don’t overfeed 
Small bodies require smaller food portions. It’s not good for the dogs health to overeat, even if they look at you with sad eyes. 

4. Fragile
Unlike a big dog like labrador, a small dog isn’t good at rough play. Small dogs have small legs that are fragile. You have to be careful not to sit on them or throw them by mistake, as they can easily break a bone.

5. Chew Toys
A lot of times pets have their own personalities and types of toys they like to play with, just like kids. In general, don’t buy chew toys that are heavier or bigger than the dog itself. Want to buy the dog a raw hide bone? That’s fine, make sure it’s small enough for them carry in their mouths without having to drag it. 

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