How I’m Saving Money with my Active Advantage Account

I’m committed to being healthier and being more active. Read my previous post on my runDisney story by clicking here

You can get an Active account free 30-day trial. After that, it will upgrade, unless you cancel it, to an Advantage Premium Membership for $69.95 a year. 

If you are an active person that enjoys doing outdoor activities like races, camping, basketball, hiking, cycling, just to name a few, then you will definitely benefit from an Active Pro Membership. If you are going to register for events anyway than it makes sense to save money while you’re doing it. 

Are you doing any runDisney races? Active is the website that powers the registration for runDisney races. You can save on the registration fees and have the data from your races saved in one place, on your Active account. 

There are so many perks of being an Advantage Member, that I’ve only scratched the surface in the short time I’ve been enrolled. 

Some of the benefits I’ve used so far:

1. Discount or waiver of activity processing fees- I’ve signed up for 3 races for this year, so far, and have saved ($7.92 + $2.62 + $6.00) for a total of $16.54.

2. One $85 discount towards a new pair of athletic shoes– Since I had recently already bought a new pair of sneakers, I used the discount to buy my husband a new pair of running shoes. The $85 was applied to the purchase and I only paid the difference on the price plus the shipping cost. Total savings: $85

A grand total of $101.54 up to now.

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