Dinner Review of Lola’s Restaurant in Ponce, Puerto Rico

I had heard from family members that Lola’s was a good place to go for dinner. Lola’s is located within the Ponce Hotel & Casino, right in the center of the city of Ponce. The entrance door is next to the pool and there is plenty of parking space within the hotel. 

For me dining is more that just eating, it’s an experience. The restaurant decor I can best describe as pop modern. Purple seating throughout with nice metal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. 

The menu was quickly described to us as “eclectic” and after reviewing it for a few moments, I could see why. There’s everything from rabbit, beef, traditional puertorrican sides, and even pasta. We were told that the sides that were listed with our entrees could be swapped for another one on the menu, if we preferred. 

The wine menu is a separate menu that comes on a electronic tablet. I’m not sure why they do it this way. Perhaps it helps them to better keep track of their wine inventory. 


I ordered the beef skirt (churassco) with a side of mushroom risotto. The term of my steak was perfect. My food was delicious and I enjoyed every bite.

My husband ordered the chicken linguine with alfredo sauce. We both love cheese and this dish definitely was hearty and cheesy. 

My waiter was Felix. He was very courteous and knowledgeable about the menu. It’s so hot in Puerto Rico that even in an air conditioned restaurant like this one, my water glass kept weeping. Felix noticed the weeping glass and without asking, he would wipe the table and set a new napkin underneath my glass. 

I would say that the cost was at par with the level of service. Each entree was a double digit cost, and with wine and two desserts, our tab was about $100. 

My husband and I were very pleased with the experience and will have to visit Lola’s again. 

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