Visiting Puerto Rico: Caverns of the Camuy River

The Caverns of the Camuy River are located on the Northwest part of the Island of Puerto Rico. The area is very lush and green and therefore, it rains a lot in that area. If you visit it be prepared to get wet. 

At the entrance you are given a number for each of the people coming into the park. That number is your number in queue. You then park and get in line to pay for your tickets. 

An adult ticket was $18 each at the time of our visit. There was a children rate and a senior rate for people over the age of 65. 

Much like the going to the DMV, you have to wait for your number to be called. When I was there, they were calling every 20th number. Like they would call 230 and all the numbers under it and then they would call 250 and so forth.

If you need to use the bathroom you are better off stopping at a public restroom before you walk into the park. The only restroom in the park is gross. I mean very gross. The toilets are clogged. There’s little to no toilet paper and the floors are wet and stinky. It makes you wonder when was the last time they were cleaned. 

Once your number is called you hand an attendant the number and she sends you down to where you get a pair of headphones and a listening device. You can choose whether you want the narration in English or Spanish. You then sit in an open train that takes you down to the cavern through a narrow path. 

The narration tells you to be careful with your step, as the floors are wet and not to touch the formations. As you walk inside you start to appreciate the magnitude of this cavern. The further inward you walk, the more it opens up and you can see how vast it is. The ceiling is so high up that you start to feel as if you were a speck on the ground. 

If you’re not with a loud group, you can hear the water falling, the bats flying and some coqui’s (native tree frogs). 

The path has handrails the whole way, but the path is often steep. I wouldn’t recommend this attraction if you have problems with mobility. 

There are markers along the path with numbers. This tells you when to press play on your device to listen to the next narration. 

The path takes you all the way out of the cavern and then back up through a different path that connects to where you started. 

I had visited the Caverns before, but along time ago. I’m always in awe of it’s grandeur and beauty. It’s definitely worth visiting if you are in the area. 

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