Happiest 5K The Color Run San Jose 2017

I had so much fun at the Color Run. If it would have been just a regular race, it would have not motivated me to participate, but because it was a Color Run, that made it much more interesting and fun. 

I was concerned about keeping up with the crowd, but in hindsight there was no need to be worried. Everyone went at their own pace. I jogged as much as I could and walked the rest. 

The dance party at the end was fun. Lots of snacks provided by Lays and drinks from Aquafina.

 At the end everyone who completed the race got a medal and an extra packet of powdered color in a color that we had not already gone through during the race. That’s when kids and families really got covered in powder. 

We had baby wipes and old blankets in the car that we had packed ahead of time. We didn’t want the car to also be rainbow colored. 

The mobile lockers were helpful. The smallest locker was $5, which was big enough for some cell phones, keys, and wallet. People who didn’t use the mobile locker carried their belongs with them on the race and that didn’t seem to be very fun. 

We enjoyed ourselves and will probably need to do it again next year. 

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