Crayon Shapes

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Looking for a way to reuse those old crayons you’ve got lying around? Try this fun art activity with your kindergartener to get those artistic juices flowing. This activity will help her improve her early geometry skills of shape and color recognition, and when she’s finished, she’ll have a brand new fun set of crayons to color with! Now, let’s get to transforming those crayons. Then, go ahead and get coloring!

What You Need:
  • Candy molds in your favorite shape (available inexpensively at craft or gourmet stores) or an ice cube tray
  • Assorted crayon bits
  • Your choice: (1) paper cups and a microwave, or (2) a muffin tin and an oven

What You Do:
  1. With your child, peel the paper from your old crayons and separate them by color. Ask your child to say the names of each of the colors. This is great color categorization practice.
  2. Time to melt the crayons! If you are melting them in the microwave, work with your child to put each color into separate cups and heat them in the microwave on low, checking frequently until melted. If you are melting them in the oven, your child can separate the colors into different cups of a muffin tin. Melt these at a low temperature, again checking frequently. Crayola warns that overheated crayons will create fumes, so be attentive and make sure you ventilate your kitchen and crafting space.
  3. When the crayons are melted, pour the hot wax carefully into your molds. If you have melted your crayons in individual cups, you can supervise while your child pours each color into the mold shapes. If your child has the patience, you can let one layer cool within a shape and then add one to two more layers in a different color for multi-colored crayons.
  4. Let the wax cool thoroughly, then pop each shape out. Voila!
  5. Can your child identify each of the shapes of the new crayons? Talk to each other about the new set of crayons, and start coloring!
Throwing a skating, garden or princess party? Find molds in a coordinating shape to make matching crayons, and you’ve got eye-catching party favors made from your child’s scraps!

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