Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Clothes

Target has some cute Disney Mickey Mouse clothes for Toddlers. 

1. Disney’s Toddler Boy’s Mickey Mouse Tank Top $6.99 
I bought this one as a gift for the son of a friend of mine. I love the fabric on this tank top. It has Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Popsicle’s!

2. Lucas Toddler Boy’s Star Wars Tank Top $6.99 
I didn’t see this one at my local store. I might need to get it online. 

3. Disney Toddler Boy’s Mickey Mouse Footbed Sandals $14.99
These sandals are adorable. I wish they came in adult size. 

*There is a Memorial Day Sale for 2 days 5/28-5/29 where clothing is 20% off. Use promo code MEMDAY.

*Use your Target Red Card for a 5% discount and free shipping. 

Price Breakdown Example:
$6.99 – 20% Memorial Day Sale= $5.59 – 5% Target Red Card= $5.31 for a Disney Toddler’s Tank Top.

Post contains affiliate links. 
Prices are subject to change. 

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