Visit to St. Louis

We stopped by St. Louis for a few days before going to Tulsa for a graduation. Most people know St. Louis for it’s Arch, which as we discovered, is the tallest monument in the U.S. 

There is a ride to the top. We were told incorrectly by the hotel that you could get the tickets to the top of the arch the same day, and that’s not true. You’re better off buying the tickets online ahead of time, because they do sell out fast. Click here for the link of where you can get the tickets online. 

I’m very claustrophobic and I had a very hard time with the ride to the top. In fact, I was nauseous when I got to the top and was quickly ready to come back down. There’s a sample car in the history museum across the street from the monument. If you think you might have a problem with small spaces visit the sample car and make sure that you can go through with it. 

Hotel: We stayed at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch and had an Arch View Room. Our room was on a corner of the building, which gave us a great front view of the arch. Concierge called ahead of time and asked us if there was anything they could get ready for us to make our arrival more pleasant. I was quite impressed with the hotel’s attentiveness. We stay at many hotels, and have never been treated with this level of customer service.

Games: Since I don’t follow baseball, I didn’t know that St. Louis is a big baseball town. While we were in town there were two games where the St. Louis Cardinals played the Chicago Cubs. The streets were filled with people in their team colors, mostly red, the local favorite. 

Food: We had dinner at Angelo’s Taverna. It was delicious. The lasagna you see in the video was my meal from there. Boy, was it yummy. Jim had tortellini. He hesitates to order tortellini because he often only gets 4 of them and it’s not filling enough, but that was sure not the case at Angelo’s. The portion was more than he could eat. 

We also ate at the St. Louis Brewhouse. We requested a table outside, which was literally on the sidewalk. We enjoyed people watching and seeing the touristy horse and buggies go by.

Zoo: We took Lyft over to the Zoo. To my surprise, the St. Louis Zoo admission is free. It’s the first zoo I haven’t paid admission for. The zoo was very big, with lots of exhibits. There are some paid activities that you can do within the park, but just walking up to see the animals, is free. 

I found out from my friendly Lyft driver, that the St. Louis Zoo and other family friendly places have free admission, because it is paid for my the taxes of the residents. There was much more to explore in St. Louis, but we didn’t have enough days available on this trip. 

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