Day at Xel-Ha Eco Water Park in Cancun, Mexico

Xel-Ha is the only Eco- Water Park that is 100% natural. The price includes all you can eat at various location throughout the park. Unlimited swimming, snorkel rental, and use of inner tubes. There are additional activities like swimming with the dolphins or with the manatees which is at an additional cost. 

I did the ictiotherapy, which is the fish spa where the fish eat the dead skin off your feet. I had done it before and enjoyed it. That treatment was $15 for 15 minutes and it was definitely a unique experience. I was told that you can’t do it in the U.S. because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. It’s one of those things that you want to do when you’re in Mexico!

There were lockers free of charge available at a few spots throughout the park. You simply ask the lady at the desk for a key for a locker and she will give it to you. She’s also the one to ask for a towel. So, if you’re planning on visiting the park you don’t need to bring your own towel.

Each section of the park is divided by colors. As you travel down the river you might get confused as to where you started and where your locker might be located. Make sure that when you drop your things off at the locker that you pay attention to what color section you are in.

There are many photo stations throughout the park and some are in some ingenious locations. To activate you use the bar code on your wrist band and after a few seconds, it will snap a photo. You can look at your photos and purchase the ones you want at the end of the day. 

The sunscreen has to be biodegradable in order to not harm the ecosystem in the park. The most common sunscreens at Walmart will not be biodegradable, so make sure to read the label before buying it. 

Each of the Xcaret parks has a different theme and experience. Xel-Ha is where you want to go with a group of friends or family and hangout in the water and have fun. There are plenty of wood chairs along the river where you can take a nap or rest once you’re done playing in the water. 

I received complimentary tickets to Xel-Ha. All opinions are my own.

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