Review of Grand Oasis Cancun

I stayed in room 1418 which is an ocean-view room. The view was gorgeous! Clear blue water, white sand, and sound of the waves hitting the shore. 

The balcony was very small. The glass on the railing seemed to be tall and lean inward. If I sat in one of the seats, I felt claustrophobic. The time I spent on the balcony was spent standing and people watching. 

The hotel offers a variety of complimentary classes and some were on the beach and viewable from my room. 

The bed and room had a turquoise and brown decor. The bed was comfortable and had a variety of pillows to choose from. I’m kind of picky when it comes to pillows, but I was able to find some that met my needs. 

The drinks in the mini bar are complimentary. The closet had two sets of robes and slippers. The bathroom had a modern feel. The tub was high up. Being short, I struggled to get in and out of the tub. The tub/shower had a half glass divider, which I’ve seen in other hotels and I’m not a big fan of. It doesn’t keep the heat in. The sink had a variety of toiletries available including a full size shampoo and conditioner and other goodies. 

The room cleaning was not consistent. Twice during my stay the maid would not finish the room. She would leave the pillows off the bed, forget to take the used towels, and not replace them with new ones. I called customer service and talked to our assigned room attendant in person. She assured me it wasn’t her. She said that one of those days it had been her day off and on the other one she had been assigned to another floor. Luckily, I speak Spanish and was able to get what I needed with some persistence. 

The hotel is big with many sections to it. There are grand performances in the lobby that are of the caliber of a Cirque DeSoleil show. You can pay for dinner and show or watch from the top balcony standing up for free.

There’s a small casino on property. I didn’t visit it, but my friend did. She said you have to load a players card with the money you are going to gamble with. The slot machines were modern and there were some table options.

There are many peacocks running around the grounds. They can be loud at times, but also entertaining. 

I found the beach at the hotel to not be a good swimming beach. The waves are really rough along that shore. 
There is a pool that is a kilometer long. It has swim up bars and there’s often entertainment near the pools. 
I saw both wild college kids on Spring break and families with kids at this resort. There a lot of people staying at this resort that come from Canada, Germany, and various countries in Latin America. The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, so you can imagine how an all inclusive resort like this one would be attractive to Spring breakers. 
There were steep bridges that connected one side of the pool to the other and there didn’t seem to be another way to get there. If you are handicap or have limited mobility, you want to request a room on the ground floor and closer to the lobby. 
Food is all inclusive, however, there are some restaurants that are only for certain room categories based on the color of your bracelet. I think my favorite was breakfast at Tatish. It had a lot of options buffet style or you could have a custom omelet made. No specialty coffees were offered at this restaurant, but I did find a coffee shop that made me a pretty decent hazelnut latte. 
My hotel stay was complimentary, but all opinions are my own. 

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