Renting a Smart Car for the Day and Going to Playa del Carmen

The Grand Oasis Cancun has these Smart cars available for rental at the lobby. For $30 US a day you can rent one with basic third party insurance or for $50 US a day you can get full coverage insurance. If you rent it for more than one day than the daily charge goes down. We only had one free day, so we only needed for one day. 

I was told it was automatic, however, I have to say, I’ve never driven a car like this one. It didn’t have a park or drive. To start the car, it had to be in neutral. I never use neutral with my car at home. The car also jerked as it shifted through the gears as a manual car would, but it shifted for me. It’s obviously a small car and given that I’m a small person, that wasn’t a problem. My friend Jenn is quite taller than me, so she felt cramped inside and the jerking of the car made her car sick. 

We took the rental and headed over to Playa del Carmen for the day. That’s an easy 45 minute ride. There we had lunch, did some walking around, of course some shopping, and a massage. 

I had been to Playa del Carmen 3-4 years ago and it has changed tremendously. It went from being this small place to an up and coming modernized hang-out for tourists. 

I love getting cheap massages when I’m in Mexico. For $18 each we got a 40 minute massage. That’s crazy cheap if you compare that to the $130 or more US price. I thought that the masseuse was very nice and professional. The place had air conditioning, which not all massage places there have, so that was nice. 

When you arrive in Playa del Carmen you will see many signs for massages. Notice that the further you walk away from the touristy roads, the cheaper the price will be. The place we went to was off the main touristy road.

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