My runDisney Story

My runDisney story: I’ve been caring for my mom for over a year. She was diagnosed with both Ovarian and Brain Cancer. She is now terminally ill and in hospice. Doing anything for myself makes me feel guilty. I gave up my job and my life to a big extent, to care for my mom.  

Food has been my comfort. At times when I couldn’t control what was happening in my life, I could eat the foods I liked and feel better. It’s not surprising that I’ve gained more weight than I would like.

Motivating myself to do anything for me, including eating healthy or exercising has been hard.

I love all things, Disney. Disney is one of those things that makes me happy. It reminds me of being a child and worry-free.

I’ve been looking at all those amazing costumes the runDisney runners wear and how fun and motivating that must be to train in preparation for running at Disney. An idea came in. What if I could try to do a runDisney Race? It would give me a reason to work-out, a reason to care for myself, and something happy to look forward to.

Luckily, I have a very supportive husband. When I told him that I was thinking of doing a runDisney Race, he didn’t say no. He asked for details and immediately said that he would join me, even though I told him he could be a spectator and take photos.

So now, I’m officially registered for the 10K Super Heroes Race on November 11, 2017, at Disneyland Resort.

Join me  http://www.runDisney.comrf=EJ3fqImMz&ts=T

Unfortunately, I lost my mom earlier this year. Participating in a Disney race continues to be my motivation to get out there and workout. Exercising is helping me fight depression, overeating,  and stress. 

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