How to earn free Disney Dollars: Disney Credit Card

 I love my Disney Credit Card. I get Disney Rewards Dollars on everything I already spend money on: groceries, gas, bills, etc. It’s an easy way to make those Disney dreams a reality without having to spend money out of pocket.

 I like the flexibility of the Rewards Dollars too. If you want to use them to buy a Disney DVD, you can, and if you want to save them up and use it for your next Disney vacation, you can too. 

There’s no annual fee. These days there are so many options when it comes to credit cards that if it has an annual fee, I look elsewhere. 

Lots of compliments. Every time I go to pay with my card at the store, someone comments on how they love the design on my card. I have the Sorcerer Mickey design. My husband after seeing my card decided he needed a Star Wars design. He chose the Yoda one. 

The current offer for new card holders, allows you to receive a $200 Disney Gift Card for free if you spend $500 in the first 3 months of receiving the card. Click here for details. 

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.

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