Star Wars, Virtual Reality, and Google: Force for Change

Star Wars Force for Change is donating money for the purchase of 270 Starlight Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and equipment for children hospitals across the U.S. Lucas Film will provide Star Wars themed content for the VR headsets! Can you imagine being a sick child in the hospital, feeling sick, bored, and being able to travel to another galaxy and fight with Obi-Wan. 

The grant also includes the delivery of Starlight Brave Gowns. Picture a hospital gown, but with a Star Wars theme! Makes wearing a hospital gown that much cooler. 

The Starlight VR Set will include both a stationary and a mobile unit. Google will provide all the content they already have available for VR: Google Expeditions, Virtual Field Trips, Daydream, Google Earth VR, and Tilt Brush. 

You can join the force and help make these experiences possible for children. Donations give you tickets for a chance to win 3 amazing Star Wars Experiences:

  • Spend the night at Skywalker Ranch
  • A visit to the Han Solo Set and a chance to be in the movie
  • Meet the Star Wars Cast at the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Flights and accommodations provided for the winners and a guest 
A chance of a life-time for any Star Wars fan and your contribution will help thousands of sick children.

Click here for more information. #ForceForChange

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