Unicorn Slime Recipes and Tips

Elmer’s Glue Slime Recipe
Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe

3 bottles of white school glue
food coloring
baking soda
contact lens solution
craft sticks for stirring 

I used 4 plastic cups, one for each color. 
I used a paper plate to lay out flat the white slime.
This made clean-up easier. 


  • Once you create the first batch of white slime following the Elmer’s Glue Recipe, you lay it out flat in the shape of an oval. Mine was a circle, since I was using a plate to lay it out. 

  • I poured half a bottle of glue in each of my 4 plastic cups. I added the remaining ingredients and 1 drop of the desired color. 

  • Stir the contents of each of the cups. 

  • Pull out a piece of each color and paste it into the white circle. You continue doing this until all the white is covered with strips of color. 

Now it’s ready for you to play with. Fold and pull the slime as desired. 


You can add glitter, glow in the dark paint, googly eyes, and more to customize your slime. 
This is a great STEM/STEAM project. Kids love getting their hands on slime. 

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