Women Entrepreneur Designs Solar Backpacks for Children in Africa

The challenges that children face in other countries around the world are different at times than those faced in the U.S. Having running water, electricity, food on the table, can be a difficult for developing countries. 

Thato Kgatlhanye had an idea that would help solve this problem. She designed a company that creates solar backpacks for students. You are probably thinking what for? Well, students can’t do homework at home without light. Many students don’t have electricity which in turn limits the work that they can do in the dark. 

Image credit: Repurpose Schoolbags

Thato obtained the funding for her business project through a business competition that she entered. The prize money was enough to get her idea up and running. 

I love hearing about projects like this one. Thato used modern day technology to solve the problem for students in an original and eco-friendly manner. The bags are made from recycled bags. 

This wonderful company is called Repurpose Schoolbags

*STEM/STEAM Teachers:
How are your lessons empowering students to not just make things, but also solve world problems?

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