Funfetti Easter Chocolate Bunny Cupcakes

Pillsbury Spring Funfetti Mix 
Frosting of your choice. I went with chocolate.
Cupcake pan and foil cups
Wilton piping tip 2A
Freezer paper
Copy of bunny ear template
Chocolate candy melts in desired color


  1. Once the cupcake has cooled down, use the Wilton 2A tip to apply the frosting on the cupcake.
  2. Using the template of the ear, put a piece of freezer paper over it with the glossy side up. 
  3. Melt half a bag of the chocolate melts in the microwave. 
  4. Pipe the melted chocolate onto the freezer paper by following the template outline that is underneath. 
  5. Move the freezer paper each time to create a new ear. 
  6. While cool, add any sprinkles or additional add-ons to the ears. 
  7. Wait for the chocolate to harden and cool.
  8. Place the ears into the cupcake. 

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