What you should know about dining on a Disney Cruise

In addition to the traditional buffet option that’s available on all cruise ships, Disney offers something called Rotational Dining. Your family is assigned a restaurant on each day of the cruise. Each dining room has a different Disney theme. On a 7 day trip, you visit each dining room twice, but the experience is a little different.

Your waiter or waitress meets you at your assigned restaurant every day. That way you can continue to have the same service you were having and experience what each of the restaurants have to offer. 

There are kids menus available at all of the restaurants. Everything from pizza, chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, is available for the kids. The kids menu also has special desserts. 

One thing I didn’t figure out until later on my trip, was that adults can order from the kids menu. Let’s say you don’t like any of the dining options on the adult menu, you can order from the kids menu. You can also order more than one portion. If you think you want mac and cheese, but are thinking that’s probably too small of a portion, ask for two. The dining staff is amazing and they are willing to help. 

I was really wanting a Mickey Ice Cream Popsicle. It was never on the adult menu. I learned that it was on the kids menu. I liked how my waitress quickly learned what drinks I like with my meal and what desserts best matched my interests. After the first Mickey Popsicle, my waitress was quick to recommend it for me. 


We also ordered room service during our stay for breakfast, just to try it out. We often like having breakfast in our cabin as we are getting ready to head off the ship. It helps save time. I found the breakfast options to be limited, so we only ordered it once. 

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