Ozobot Sticker Codes: Created by an 8 year old

If you have an interest in (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, you probably have already seen an Ozobot. 

An Ozobot is a small electronic robot that responds to colors. You can draw a path and use the colors to tell the robot when to turn right, left, or turn around. It’s a STEM toy in that it teaches students to code, while playing. 

I recently found out that an 8 year old kid created sticker codes for the Ozobot. They are called Ozoeasy. The pack comes with 216 stickers that can be placed any where along the path that you have drawn. When the Ozobot crosses the sticker, it gives the Ozobot a set of instructions on where to go. 

Here’s the link to the Ozoeasy Ozobot stickers .

  • If these Ozoeasy stickers were created by a kid, what can we do as educators to empower students to create and invent the next step for the Ozobot? Let’s not just limit the students by having them use the robot only as intended, but instead, provide them with the opportunity for innovation. 

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