Teaching Kids to Use QR Codes is now a Life Skill

You’ve probably seen a QR code before. It looks like this:

What is a QR code for?
It’s essentially a link. You can link a QR to any webpage, image, video or online content.

How do you use it?
You can QR codes with your phone or tablet. It then takes you to the landing page that they have set up for that QR code. 

How do you make a QR code?
They’re easy to make. I like using Google’s URL shortner: goo.gl . Once you’ve shortened your link, you will see 3 dots at the end.

Clicking on that will open a menu. One of the options will be QR code. Click on that option and then save the QR code image. You can then print it out our insert it into your text.

Why is it important to show kids to create and use QR codes?
QR codes are now a part of daily life. You will see stores with QR codes that offer a coupon or a giveaway. Sometimes a QR code leads to additional information about a painting or sculpture. 

On my recent trip from San Jose, I saw this sign. The QR code in this case gives you real time information on the whereabouts of the bus. 

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