Educational App Review: Shadow Puppet EDU

What does it do?
It allows the student to easily create videos. In these videos, the student can explain a concept, tell a story, explain the results of an experiment, etc. 

On what device does it work?
Available for iPhone and iPad. 


What class subjects could use it?
All subjects! It’s so versatile and user friendly. A student can read a book out loud in a foreign language, explain a Math problem, explain the results of a Science experiment, etc. 

What grade levels is it appropriate for? It says designed for ages 6-8, but I think it has potential for every grade level, K-12. 

Storyboard worksheet

Special Features:

  • Has 30 lesson ideas that have already been aligned with Common Core Standards. Use some of those ideas or create your own from scratch. 
  • Can be used at home as homework, a project, home-school learning, or for further reinforcement. 
  • It can be used an assistive learning tool.
  • The app provides 3 examples for 3 different age groups. Make sure to view the examples and get a feel for the app can do.

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