Disney Find at Target:T-shirts and Socks

Interestingly, I would normally not think of finding women’s t-shirts in the men’s section. I guess they’re unisex. 

Target had these t-shirts for $12.99. Not surprisingly, anything Belle related was almost sold out. 

I checked online and you can get them at target.com and if you use discount code MENS20, you get a 20% discount. With the discount it would make it $10.39 and with a Target Red Card 5% discount, it would be $9.87.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle socks were $9.99 at the store. They are knee high so that you can see her full dress. It has a little tulle over the dress to give it a 3D effect. 

I also started using ShopKick again. I had given up on them a few years ago when their rewards weren’t very good, but now that they have Target and Starbucks gift cards, I’m in again.

If you don’t know what ShopKick is, it’s a free app that gives you kicks or points just for entering certain stores. You get additional kicks when you scan certain in store products and purchase those items. You then trade your kicks (points) for free gift cards. Click here to give it a try.  

I got 25 kicks just for walking into Target. They also have weekly promotions. The week of March 27 ShopKick is giving away to one person 4 tickets to either Disney World or Disneyland.

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