Coloring Books are now 4D!

Maybe I’m the only weirdo that likes coloring on a coloring book that has cartoons. I know there’s a trend for adults to color with adult coloring books, but I don’t like those. The images have so many small details that I find them overwhelming. You also have to use color pencils or fine markers for the adult coloring books in order to reach all the small spaces. I like coloring with crayons. It reminds me of my childhood, when coloring was a care-free activity for me

Crayola, the leaders in coloring books and crayons, have created a new product called 

Color Alive
The coloring book comes with 16 drawings on 8 pages. It comes with 6 crayons and 1 special crayon. The special crayon allows there to be an additional special effect with the app. For the one I bought, Enchanted Forest, the special crayons makes Pixie Dust!!! 

In addition to the Enchanted Forest one, there’s a Barbie, Skylanders, and Mythical Creatures. The Mythical Creatures Color Alive special crayon gives the dragon fire breath. Wow cool is that!

Disclosure: This post is not a sponsored post, but it does contain affiliate links. 

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